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We Hope You Enjoyed The Humanising Digital & Self-Serve Conference! Why Not Take A Look At Our Sister Event, The Customer Experience Conference:

Next-Level, Customer-Centric Contact Centres: Harness Tech & Empower Agents To Deliver Seamless, Multi-Channel Customer Journeys & Experiences. Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences & Customer Journeys Through Savvy Tech Implementation Whilst Retaining The Human Touch & Empowering Resilient, Engaged Agents Who Represent The Customer, Add Value & Drive Continuous Improvement In The Organisation

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 1st July 2020, Grand Connaught Rooms, Central London. Coronavirus Update >>

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23 Recognised Contact Centre & Customer Thought Leaders Share Hard-Won Insights Behind Delivering Excellent Customer Experiences & Seamless Customer Journeys That Stand Out Through Savvy Tech Investments & Resilient, Empowered Agents Who Take Ownership Of The Customer Journey, Add Value & Drive Continuous Improvement In The Organisation:
  1. Cutting-Edge New Tech & AI: Implement the right tech in your contact centre which adds value to the customer experience without losing the human touch
  2. Happy Staff, Happy Customers - Enhance Colleague & Customer Experiences: Invest in your agents to deliver next-level, customer-centric care
  3. Find The Perfect Channel Mix: Prioritise the right customer contact channel mix for savvy platform investment
  4. Seamless End-To-End Customer Journeys: Deliver personalised, joined-up customer journeys across multiple channels to fuel conversions and loyalty and reduce frustrations
  5. Connect With Customer Demands & VOC: Listen and respond to customer feedback and data, and surpass ever-changing customer expectations
  6. Empower Agents Through Winning Workforce Cultures: Change the perception and reality of work in your contact centres, and train, motivate and retain your talent
  7. Drive Organisational Change & Transformation: Redefine the role of your contact centre within your organisation to remain relevant, add strategic value and drive continuous improvement
  8. Maximise Operational Efficiencies: Optimise resources and streamline to cut costs without compromising on quality
  9. Next-Level Forecasting & Measurement – NPS & KPIs: Innovative ways to measure commercial success, improve efficiencies, empower agents and deliver excellent customer experience
  10. Future Of The Contact Centre: Tangible steps towards the contact centre of the future